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Artist: DJ Mihail K.

DJ Mihail K.

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Data nașterii: 0000-00-00

DJ Mikhail K. He was born in Craiova - Romania on June 8, 1988. He felt attracted to music since high school, but did not give importance to this.

For that 2007 was an exciting year of personal discovery, always managed to make his friends to have fun putting his favorite music. He was guided and encouraged by a good old friend. As a lover of electronic music has always tried to exceed the limits of a pattern imposed by a particular style of Techno, Deep and Minimal music.


"When i mixing i really feel that feeling and love for electronic music".


Electronic music is a part of him, they say that is one of the DJs who can make his audience to love electronic music. How is he doing this?


"I look around and try to understand what the public wants, what he wants to hear, I try to send them the love that I feel for the music".


Probably the best point of Mikhail remains how to mix and communicate with the public, it is amazing how he so quickly gained popularity. Mikhail puts his soul into everything that is related to the music that makes him even more wanting to be "step ahead". This passion has developed over time...


"the audience send me inspiration that i need, everything around helps me to create my own set"


He produces music, to show his vision of the club's sound. He is not afraid of competition a moment as he said.


"I do not make music to become famous, i play because I love music and I like to see how people really having fun with my music".

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